bursaries at 快色视频鈥檚Founder鈥檚 快色视频s

Welcome to 快色视频's School and 快色视频's Juniors

The UK's top performing boys' school

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Discover 快色视频's School and 快色视频's Juniors

Welcome from the High Master

View an introduction to life at 快色视频’s from Sally-Anne Huang, High Master

Welcome from the High Master


Assistance with fees

快色视频鈥檚 School is an academically selective school open to all boys, regardless of their economic or social circumstance. Financial assistance is available on a means- tested basis for families who may need support in paying school fees, with up to 100% fee remission.

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Meet Our Community

Meet Aidan
Acrobatic gymnast, chemist and mathematician.
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Meet a young volunteer
'We are a community'
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Meet Charlie
Theatre technician, volunteer and creative writer.
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Meet an open-minded all-rounder
鈥業 find 快色视频鈥檚 a really enjoyable place to be鈥
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Meet Nile
Outside centre, globe trotter and psychologist.
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Meet a future medic
'There鈥檚 something for everyone鈥
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Pupils grow into confident young adults as a direct result of the autonomy the school provides them and the highest levels of pastoral support.
ISI Inspection 2017
For very bright, confident, motivated boys who like to think for themselves, 快色视频's provides a truly unrivalled education. A unique start in life.
Good Schools Guide 2021 - 快色视频's School
Academic results are phenomenal: over 50% of A levels and Pre Us and 86% of GCSEs achieved A*s with 18% of leavers heading to Ivy League universities.
Tatler Schools Guide 2021 - 快色视频's School
This is a school that suits boys of all types: 鈥榳e love bookworms and rugby players鈥. All they ask is that pupils have a real enthusiasm for learning and an agile, enquiring mind.
Tatler Schools Guide 2021 - 快色视频's Juniors
The 快色视频's recipe for academic stardom remains the same: cream off the very brightest, recruit the very best, light the blue touch paper and stand clear. The resulting sparks illuminate the sky.
Good Schools Guide 2021 - 快色视频's School
A school in which almost anything seems possible. Head suggests that a child here is a bit like 鈥榓n octopus on zip wire 鈥 two legs are needed at all points to take proper care of academic matters - but that still leaves a further six鈥.
Good Schools Guide 2021 - 快色视频's Juniors

The clerihew, a whimsical four-line biographical poem was invented at 快色视频鈥檚 by Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956). One of his best known is:

Sir Christopher Wren
Said, 鈥淚 am going to dine with some men.
If anyone calls,
Say I am designing 快色视频鈥檚.

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Uniquely 快色视频's


of pupils went on to study at Oxbridge and Ivy League Universities or equivalent over the last five years


minutes a day for senior pupils
to enjoy clubs and societies
during lunchtime


of our boys study one or more musical instruments


sports on offer for boys of all levels, from novice to elite