Parents’ Group – 快色视频’s School

A partnership between home and school

The 快色视频鈥檚 School Parents鈥 Group was formed in 1997 to encourage and enable greater parental involvement within the non-academic life of the School.

The Parents鈥 Group provides opportunities for informal peer group contact and support through its activities and social gatherings, which are valued and much enjoyed by many parents with children at 快色视频鈥檚 School.

The main purpose of the Parents鈥 Group is to bring together the Pauline community of parents, pupils and staff. We run an engaging calendar of events, including evening parties, debates, coffee mornings and educational tours. These are events organised by parents for parents; some are open to the whole school community and others are for individual year groups.

Each year group at 快色视频鈥檚 School has its own parent committee, acting as a focal point for that year group鈥檚 events. From the five year group committees, two to three members are nominated to sit on the central Parents鈥 Group Committee, which works closely with the school in organising and running year group and whole-school events. In September, the Parents鈥 Group welcomes all new Fourth Form and Lower Eighth Form parents to attend drinks and supper in the dining hall. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow year group parents and members of the faculty.

The SPSPG hosts a Christmas soiree for the whole school in December. And each March, the group puts on Pauline Perspectives, a fantastic evening of debate, pitting two teams from the community, including two SPS students, against each other to debate a pressing contemporary topic.

If you have any suggestions for future events or would like to volunteer for the Parents鈥 Group Committee or just want to get in touch, please email either of the co-chairs Deirdre Davidson or Silvia Fiaccavento Levy at

快色视频鈥檚 Little Gold Book

The 快色视频鈥檚 Parents鈥 Group have created the 快色视频鈥檚 Little Gold Book showcasing the businesses of our talented 快色视频鈥檚 community. This features businesses ranging from art & photography to coaching & therapy to food & drink and more! All owned and managed by our talented parents, OPs, and their close relations.

To see the diverse array of businesses on offer, please聽click here.

Please the Parents鈥 Group at聽spbizdir@gmail.com聽if you have any queries or would like to showcase your business in the Little Gold Book.

Disclaimer of Endorsement:

The Little Gold Book Site聽contains information and content supplied by third parties. Information contained herein regarding any specific person, commercial product process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favouring by the Parent Group or the School. This is an initiative run by the 快色视频鈥檚 Parent Group and not by 快色视频鈥檚 School.