Fencing is very popular at 快色视频鈥檚 and is available to all pupils.

Matches and competitions are held in all weapons and at all levels. Fourth Form pupils new to the school can try fencing and equipment is provided.

Coaching is provided by Professor Lance Larsen,聽British Academy of Fencing.

快色视频鈥檚 also offers an after-school club which runs on a Monday with individual lessons and free fencing provided on Wednesdays and Thursdays during lunch break.

We have first and second teams in all three weapons 鈥 foil, 茅p茅e and sabre 鈥 and attend regularly the聽Public Schools Championships. The teams also participate in a league with other schools, fencing both home and away. We encourage and help to organise fencers鈥 participation in external competitions.

For the most recent fixtures and results, please view the SOCS听飞别产蝉颈迟别.