快色视频鈥檚 computing education gives pupils the creativity and computational skills to comprehend and transform the world.

Our aim is to build a foundation for a digital future. 快色视频’s Juniors pupils should harness the power of computers to solve problems and create a positive impact on society.

Pupils study a combination of Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Online Safety during the course of each year at school. The emphasis is on variety and engagement, ensuring that there is something in the course to spark the imagination of every child.

Computer Science

Problem-solving and logical thinking are the keys to success in this subject. Pupils learn to program and code using languages such as Scratch, Python, HTML, CSS and Swift. Collaborative work challenges pupils to think originally and self-evaluation helps them to reflect on their learning and come up with independent solutions to their own problems.

Digital Literacy

In an increasingly digital world, pupils need to feel comfortable using technology. We do our best to ensure that they have the skills to be confident and productive in using software and technology. In all ways we encourage pupils to use the resources at their fingertips to explore, analyse and present information responsibly, creatively and with discrimination.

Online Safety

Online safety, both at home and in school, runs through the curriculum. It is crucial that pupils learn to be digitally literate, using tools safely. In lessons they explore different scenarios in depth and develop a better sense of the risks of using technology. Pupils enter our computer suites excited to learn. They leave better prepared to use technology in a safe and responsible manner, and well equipped for the ever-changing digital world in which they live.

Clubs and Enrichment

Co-curricular clubs enrich the curriculum and provide opportunities for pupils to work together across age phases to pursue their passion for computing by developing their own games and animations. Digital leaders meet on a weekly basis and they work with staff to help promote a safe digital culture at 快色视频’s. They create videos to educate pupils about online safety and produce articles for the Technology section of our own digital magazine: 1509. Children are encouraged to take part in national competitions and have enjoyed a strong record of success in the Bebras, Perse Coding and PA Raspberry Pi Competitions. In recent years the department has run trips to San Francisco, including visits to major technology companies and an Ivy League university.

Digital Leaders
Microsoft Offices in San Francisco
Stanford University, USA
Fitbit Offices in San Francisco
Programming with MicroBits
Programming with MicroBits
Programming with OhBots
Programming with ProBots
Programming with Drones