Community FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to do with the 快色视频’s Community. We hope you find it useful.

I鈥檇 like to join 快色视频’s School mailing list. How can I do that?
You can simply email us your full details and we will do the rest.

With the recent changes due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), I am not sure if I have given you consent to keep in touch with me. What can I do about it?
Follow this link to a short survey where you can complete the consent agreement.

How do I notify you of a change to my contact details?
Please click here to email us your new contact details.

If you are an Old Pauline, you can also log in to the OPC website and update your details online by accessing My Account > My Profile.

How can I tailor the communication I receive from 快色视频鈥檚 community to suit my interests?
Follow this link to a short survey where you will be able to opt in to or out of various communications.


How can I book tickets to an event?
Visit the 快色视频鈥檚 School Events page which lists all upcoming events with the booking links or contact email addresses so you can RSVP. If you experience any difficulties during the process or can鈥檛 find the event that you are interested in, please don鈥檛 hesitate to contact us.

I would like to hire one of 快色视频’s School鈥檚 venues for an event. How can I do that?
Thank you for your interest. Please click here to contact the Events Manager and provide as many details of your event as possible.

Professional Networking

How do I find contact details for professional networking?
To find out more about the current networking groups visit our Careers and Networking page. Please contact us with your request to join individual networking groups.

Alternatively, you can sign up to 快色视频鈥檚 Connect 鈥 a networking and mentoring platform designed to connect the entire community, whether it鈥檚 a former student looking to reach out to an old friend, a young Old Pauline looking for a mentor, a parent wanting to build business connections or a member of the community looking to give advice.

Contact a friend

How can I contact one of my former classmates or friend?
We recently launched a web-based networking platform called 快色视频鈥檚 Connect. Please click here to find out more about the 快色视频鈥檚 Connect and to sign up.

If you can鈥檛 find the person of interest on 快色视频鈥檚 Connect, feel free to write him/her a short introductory email and send it to with a request for forwarding. We will sent it on your behalf as long as we have an email address on our records or we will let you know if the person isn鈥檛 contactable.


I would like to gain access to 快色视频鈥檚 sports facilities.
快色视频鈥檚 School has numerous facilities available to Old Paulines. To read more about the facilities that are available to you, please visit the OPC website. If you have any further questions, please contact Kieran Ali, Sports & Lettings Facilities Coordinator, on

Colets Health & Fitness at Thames Ditton, Surrey is also available to the 快色视频鈥檚 Community. Please contact Colets on 020 8398 7108 for more details.


How do I find more information about applying to 快色视频鈥檚?
To find out more information or to apply for 快色视频鈥檚 Juniors or 快色视频’s School, please visit the school鈥檚 Admissions page.


I鈥檇 like to purchase some OP merchandise.
Please visit the OPC website to view our merchandise offer. You can make the purchase online or contact our office on 020 8746 5390.

I鈥檇 like to purchase some items from the school shop.
Please visit the school shop website to find more details about uniform and sports equipment.

Confirmation of studies

I need to request confirmation of attendance at 快色视频’s School. Who should I contact?
Please contact Jill Richards at the Careers & Universities Department on


I would like to notify the School of the passing of an Old Pauline.
Please contact the 快色视频鈥檚 Community team and someone will get back to you soon.

How do I submit an obituary for Atrium magazine/Old Pauline Club website?
You can email the obituary to 快色视频鈥檚 Community email.

What are the criteria and guidelines for the obituaries?
Ideally, we would be looking for a piece of up to 320 words and, if possible, a photograph, either a high resolution digital image or an original photograph to scan and return. For more details, please contact our Marketing team.