Music Beyond the Curriculum

We provide a comprehensive, challenging and exciting musical education to all pupils, catering for all ranges of ability, from those taking music lessons for the first time to those who show exceptional talent.

Many pupils take up musical instruments with a view to being able to play in one or more ensembles.

Concerts at 快色视频鈥檚 Juniors are truly special occasions and the breadth of talent on display is astonishing.

Termly events include:

  • A major concert in the Wathen Hall, showcasing the very best of musical accomplishment at 快色视频’s Juniors.
  • A concert for exam candidates, in which pupils perform a piece due for examination and receive feedback that will help them to achieve improved results – we are a centre for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music practical exams.
  • An informal concert in our own music school, where developing performers can support each other in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Various instrument 鈥榯aster days鈥 where pupils can try out new instruments. This has helped us to bolster the ranks of our ensembles.
  • Masterclasses, during which pupils get the chance to play to visiting virtuosi who provide inspirational feedback in an open forum.
  • Assemblies provide further opportunities for performance.

Performance opportunities are open to pupils regardless of whether they receive tuition within school or outside.


Wathen Hall

The Wathen Hall is the centrepiece of the music facility at 快色视频鈥檚 School. It enjoys a wonderful natural acoustic and benefits from its relatively secluded position on the banks of the River Thames.

Music Scholarships

A number of music scholarships and exhibitions are offered at 11+ and 13+ to pupils who show outstanding potential in at least one instrument.

The Arts

We place great value on creative subjects; these are fully integrated into and enhance our academic curriculum.

Music Ensembles

We believe in stretching the pupils to the very best of their ability, whilst maintaining a sense of fun.