Medical Support

快色视频鈥檚 benefits from the services of a General Practitioner who attends each week in term time and three experienced and qualified nurses, who provide medical cover and first aid throughout the school day and at weekends.

The school believes in actively promoting good health amongst all of our pupils and we are well supported in this goal by three expert nurses.

All pupils have access to the medical centre throughout the day. The nurses manage the day to day running of the medical centre, caring for any pupils who have become unwell or have been injured during the day, providing first aid to all members of the school community and are always being on hand for a friendly chat. 聽The nurses also look out for those pupils who may have long term medical needs for which they need support in school, for example, those living with severe allergies or asthma. They are also available to discuss in confidence any problems or anxieties the pupils may have.

The nurses are supported by the school doctor who attends school a few days a week during term time. All pupils are able to make appointments outside of their lesson time.

Pupils are also able to make appointments with the school physiotherapist who works with the other medical professionals to support the recovery and rehabilitation of minor injuries and ailments.

In addition, many of our staff are qualified first aiders and will have completed additional training relevant to their roles. For example, all rugby coaches are required to complete training on the identification and management of concussions. At 快色视频’s Juniors, all members of staff are trained in basic first aid.